Clinical Use of the AngioDefender™

As a health care provider, you know how critical it is to detect risks before they turn into issues for patients. And with cardiovascular disease (CVD), it can mean the difference between life and death.

The AngioDefender system measures endothelial function to pinpoint CVD and atherosclerosis before symptoms appear, helping health care providers intervene before later-stage cardiovascular complications arise. Learn how the AngioDefender works.

Whether you’re focused on primary patient care, wellness, rehabilitation or even corporate wellness, providers and practices can use the AngioDefender to deliver better, more preventive patient care.

Benefits for Your Practice

Medical providers can trust the AngioDefender to identify early-stage CVD in asymptomatic patients and evaluate development of atherosclerosis. All of this is possible before performing lab tests or administering expensive or invasive procedures, such as an EKG or angiogram.

Improve patient management decisions

Identify early-stage CVD in asymptomatic patients and monitor the effectiveness of prescription therapy and lifestyle modification.

Provide quick, accurate assessments

Non-invasive and easy to use, the AngioDefender test takes less than 8 minutes and delivers accurate, repeatable results.

Save time and money

Though less expensive and invasive, the AngioDefender has proven to be equivalent to other methods of measuring endothelial function including BAUI, digital thermal monitoring and finger plethysmography through clinical validation.

Encourage repeat visits

Measure your patients’ progress and engage in ongoing, productive conversations about heart health.

Invest in patients, not training

Automation and a simple design mean the AngioDefender test can be given by providers at all levels. There’s no need for intense training, plus its lightweight and mobile design make it practical for all clinical settings.

Offer a test that others don’t

Attract new, health-conscious patients by being among the first to offer AngioDefender testing.

Give patients better control of heart health

Many CVD issues are preventable with early detection and the right treatments. With the AngioDefender as an early detection method, the following behavioral and pharmacological interventions have been clinically shown to reduce several CVD risk factors and positively affect endothelial function.
CVD Risk Factor

Providers who already use the AngioDefender system say it has improved medical outcomes and reduced healthcare costs — a benefit their patients appreciate. And because it is the most cost-effective way to assess risk in asymptomatic patients, clinics that offer the test attract new and more health-conscious patients.

AngioDefender vs. Other Methods

Endothelial function is a key biomarker of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk, but current diagnostic testing methods are invasive, costly and difficult to operate.

  • Brachial artery ultrasound imaging (BAUI) comes with expensive equipment and considerable training. The BAUI method is also challenging for physicians who want to conduct several tests because it cannot be repeated.
  • Finger plethysmography is another easy access, non-invasive test with accurate results. But the disposables needed for the procedure are expensive, and its results do not correlate well with systemic CVD risk as measured by BAUI.
  • Finally, digital thermal imaging is automated and non-invasive, measuring vascular reactivity to hyperemia. Disposables for this test are also expensive, and results can vary with environmental temperatures.

Studies show that the AngioDefender is comparable, if not more advanced, than any other test that measures endothelial function. Read our clinical validation studies to learn more.

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