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Predict CVD Before Symptoms Appear

When providers can assess a patient’s risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) years before symptoms exist, their patients are less likely to develop serious coronary problems later in life.

The problem is, most of these tests are invasive, expensive and time-consuming, requiring highly trained medical staff to facilitate them. Until now.

The AngioDefender is the first device of its kind, detecting CVD risk in even asymptomatic patients.

Previously, the only ways to measure arterial health involved expensive, invasive and complicated procedures. By providing a quick, simple and affordable test, the AngioDefender can help save more lives and detect cardiovascular disease earlier.

About the AngioDefender

The AngioDefender system measures endothelial function to pinpoint CVD and atherosclerosis before symptoms appear, helping healthcare providers find risk factors and intervene before later-stage cardiovascular complications arise. Learn how the AngioDefender works.

Predict and Protect

The AngioDefender is comparable to other CVD detection methods including brachial artery ultrasound imaging (BAUI), putting it on par with the gold standard for measuring endothelial dysfunction.

The AngioDefender Advantage

Unlike other more expensive and invasive tests, the AngioDefender process takes less than 8 minutes and is mostly automated, so it can be conducted by nearly any healthcare provider. The device is lightweight and inexpensive, making it a cost-effective tool for clinics, wellness facilities, primary care providers and more.

  • Accurate and instant results
  • Non-invasive, using only a blood pressure cuff
  • Lightweight, inexpensive and portable design
  • Automated for minimal training
  • Simple test for patients in less than 8 minutes

In addition, a patient’s AngioDefender score can be used to calculate their vascular age, which gives them a long-term tool for tracking progress and making change.

Care Applications

Available in more than 30 countries throughout Asia, Europe and North America, the AngioDefender is quickly becoming the new standard for measuring endothelial function and assessing CVD risk in a fast, simple and non-invasive way.

Because of its accuracy and efficient design, the AngioDefender is a perfect heart health tool for clinics, healthcare systems and beyond:

  • Clinics and healthcare organizations
  • Pharmacies and prevention program
  •  Wellness programs
  • Fitness centers
  •  Employee wellness and occupational medicine

Clinical Applications Wellness Applications

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