Using the AngioDefender™ with Wellness Programs

In addition to medical providers, Everist Health developed the AngioDefender system as a tool that benefits primary care clinics, physical therapy programs, weight loss centers, and corporate and commercial wellness programs.

Benefits for Wellness

The AngioDefender provides access to a procedure and diagnostic test typically only available in a clinical environment. So whether you’re focused on primary care, rehabilitation or even corporate or commercial wellness, organizations can use the AngioDefender to deliver better, more valuable care that benefits patients, customers and employees.

Promote lifestyle changes

Most CVD can be prevented by addressing behavioral risk factors. The AngioDefender can help you provide customers the tools to manage their risk factors and track improvements. Individuals who complete the test are engaged in managing CVD factors and willing to make changes to their overall health.

Encourage repeat visits

Wellness programs that incorporated the AngioDefender saw 87% of individuals using their results to follow up on their wellness. Measure individual’s progress and engage in ongoing, productive conversations about heart health.

Increase productivity and decrease absenteeism

Workplace absence due to sickness costs companies millions of dollars each year. The absenteeism rate in Switzerland is estimated at roughly 3.8% of working hours, costing the Swiss economy more than CHF 4 billion per year. Similarly, annual absenteeism due to illness in the UK costs businesses an average of £29 billion annually, £8 billion as a result of direct costs associated with CVD.

Through implementation of wellness programs, these numbers can be improved. A review of UK case studies found that through the implementation of corporate wellness programs, productivity can be increased by over 15 %, absenteeism due to sickness can be reduced by 82%, and companies could experience ROI of up to 34%. Make preventive care simple and effective with the AngioDefender.

Offer a test that others don’t

Attract new and keep current customers by being among the first to offer a test that provides an individual’s risk at that moment in time. Make the AngioDefender a part of regular care routines.

Monitor heart health with the Vascular Age Calculator™

By combining the AngioDefender score with other metrics like BMI, blood pressure and cholesterol, the Vascular Age Calculator estimates the age and health of an individual’s vascular system for ongoing care and tracking. Results are simple to understand and have a dramatic impact.

“I would definitely recommend the AngioDefender test because it spurred me on to make behavior changes. It made me focus on what I was doing to stay healthy on a daily basis, including losing some weight. When I was retested after a month I saw the improvement in my health which made my feel good and motivated me to keep making good choices.”

– AngioDefender Patient, United Kingdom
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