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The COVIDAge Risk Calculator™ estimates risk for complications of COVID-19, including risk for hospitalization, ICU admission, and risk of mortality.

It is a key tool in providing awareness around COVID-19 and knowledge of an individual’s risk that could lead them to make more informed decisions about their health and lifestyle routines.

The purpose of this tool is similar to the Vascular Age Calculator™ (VAC) for cardiovascular disease risk. Everist Health’s technology provides personalized information within a tool that makes a complex topic easier to understand thus increasing the ability to change behavior.

The COVIDAge Risk Calculator™ was designed to help individuals understand their risk for complications of COVID-19 infection, including risk for hospitalization, ICU admission, and risk of mortality.

Science Behind the COVIDAge Risk Calculator™

The underlying algorithms behind the Vascular Age Calculator™ are derived principally from the Framingham Heart Study (10yr risk) with additional data sets found in global scientific research papers. It is of note that there is a high degree of overlap between these risk factors and those predictive of COVID-19 outcomes. This is the genesis of EveristHealth’s work with the COVIDAge Risk Calculator™.

Data from organizations such as the CDC along with reported research studies on COVID-19 have been used to derive COVIDAge figures and COVID Risk factor percentages. This underlying data will be consistently updated as more studies become available to ensure the COVIDAge Risk Calculator evolves and is as accurate as possible.

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