How the AngioDefender™ Works

An automated system that produces an accurate CVD risk score within minutes

By detecting early stage CVD and heart disease before symptoms are present, the AngioDefender acts as a first line of defense for patients to maintain heart health and battle atherosclerosis.

The AngioDefender measures the health of the endothelium — the single-cell thick interior lining of all blood vessels in the body that plays a critical role in regulating blood flow and the passage of materials into and out of the bloodstream.

Measuring Flow-Mediated Dilation

Using a blood pressure cuff, the AngioDefender device conducts a simple test in less than 8 minutes. The cuff wraps around a patient’s arm, then inflates and deflates to measure the elasticity of the brachial artery. This measurement, called Flow Mediated Dilation (FMD), helps providers assess the health of a patient’s endothelium when combined with a sophisticated algorithm, the principles of plesmography and pulse wave analysis.

From there, the patient is given an FMD score that represents the health of their arteries. Patients and providers can continue to monitor the FMD score after alterations are made in diet, exercise and lifestyle habits. And when paired with the Vascular Age Calculator™, patients have an easy reference point to track and take control of their own cardiovascular health.

Care Applications

Because of its accuracy and efficient design, the AngioDefender can be used in several settings, from clinical practices to general wellness.

Everist Health has completed testing that proves its use in corporate wellness, cardiac rehabilitation, rheumatology and commercial wellness programs.


Clinical Applications Wellness Applications

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