Why Choose the AngioDefender™?

Saving lives one test at a time

Many people don’t experience symptoms before their first heart attack, and cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the number one killer of men and women worldwide. But it doesn’t have to be.

The AngioDefender from Everist Health is a new, non-invasive test that can detect CVD in less than 8 minutes, helping patients live longer, healthier lives.

By combining patent-protected sensor technology with a sophisticated software algorithm, the AngioDefender allows providers to detect early stage CVD and atherosclerosis. The test is non-invasive and cost-effective, detecting risk in less than 8 minutes.

The AngioDefender system measures the health of the endothelium – a thin membrane that lines all blood vessels in the body. By testing the elasticity of these vessels, patients and their care providers can get a more accurate indication of their risk of CVD. And when partnered with the Vascular Age Calculator™, patients can calculate their vascular age to adjust behaviors and control risk factors.

The AngioDefender can assess CVD even in individuals without other symptoms or risk factors such as high cholesterol, family history or obesity, and can be used to monitor ongoing treatments for high blood pressure or cholesterol to prevent heart attacks, heart failure and stroke.

How it Works Vascular Age Calculator

Benefits for Patients

  • Highly accurate results help prevent heart issues
  • Fast, with results in under 8 minutes
  • Comfortable and non-invasive unlike other procedures
  • Affordable, so the test can be performed regularly to monitor heart health
  • When combined with Vascular Age, gives patients a meaningful metric to track

Benefits for Providers

  • Promotes healthy lifestyle change, addressing risk factors sooner
  • Accurate, detecting potential issues in even asymptomatic patients
  • Fast, simple and portable to perform in or out of a clinical setting
  • Minimal training and equipment
  • Helps attract and retain patients, employees or customers

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